Life is not the way it should be. Life is as it is, - Ernest


Being Spanish with a true international background. Being able to enjoy Chicken soup every single day at Chicken Star. Being the best friend to a sweet daughter of him. Living away from hometown since the age of 24. Working in a serious international organization but loving to talk about lizards sometimes…

Here are some inspirational thoughts from one of the special guests and good friends of CS – Ernest.

About enjoying work. “I just linked my passion for traveling and getting to know other countries and cultures with my work”. Constantly living in different places, on the way from Bachelor on Psychology to 2nd  Masters on Drug policy, he got his own path to take.

About dreams and ideas. Ernest believes that in order to fulfill our dreams, we should develop our ideas. They can be ambitious, but rational. “You will have to take a risk as well. Dreams without ideas and actions remain just dreams”.

About Black belt. This man, obtaining official titles of taekwondo, has been doing it since 9 y.o. Beside fighting skills, he has learned to be harmonious, perseverant, humble and hard working – nonstop, every day. “I try to use all these teachings  at work and in my life actually”.

About the sweetest. 9 y.o. girl named Penelope – the one, who makes his life more joyful. This girl adores animals and able to speak 5 languages, which is fascinating! “Despite her living in Cambodia, we always find time to have amazing “best friends” moments. I really want her to be a good person but with her own ideas and own decisions”

About life. “We are like 'books', with so many stories  to tell. One thing will lead to another. We can talk for hours about lizards since I like reptiles, for instance.” Something that makes us admire Ernest is the fact that even though the world is full of clichés and perceptions, he still takes the LIFE NOT THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, BUT THE WAY IT IS.